Our products are designed and assembled in Sweden. This means our products keep the highest quality and therefore we give our headlamps a guarantee of 3 years*. Even though LEDX products are used in the toughest environment we have succeeded to create durable and yet light headlamps that empowers our users with fantastic light performance.

Since we released our first headlamp we have always strived to make products that compete to other by being premium. That means that we focus on delivering high performing and durable products to our users. This has made LEDX primary one brand when choosing a headlamp for though sports.

Light Performance

In our first headlamp and in every model since then we have focused on the spread of the light. Even though all our lamps deliver a really bright beam, lumen isn’t everything. We think it’s as much important to have a good light spread without sharp edges and with a beam that covers the eye’s field of view. Still of course there should be plenty of light in front direction. We achieve this by using a variety of lenses in all models, even the small backup light has two LED’s with different lenses to create the best light spread as possible.


With every athlete or professional that use our headlamps we gain a little for confidence that we are doing something special. With Team LEDX we want to show how great our products are by letting our team members use our products. When we see people in our team succeed in their sport we feel a little pride for being a partner on their way to success. By Team LEDX we have also been able to get feedback on our products that helps us developing even better headlamps.

The Story

LEDX of Sweden was established to provide orienteerers with superior light when running night orienteering. Since 2010 we have manufactured headlamps in Borås, Sweden. We are currently selling in all Nordic countries and our headlamps are used by some of the best sports people in the world.