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Backup light kit

The LEDX Backup light 350 light is a accessories for your LEDX headlamp. Its features a completely separate light that has its own power supply. The backup light snaps on the headlamp and can be switched on in a second, giving light of about 350 lumens.

The LEDX Backup Light operates completely independently of the regular lamp but can also be used separately. LEDX Backup light has two different lenses, for both a good width and length and a glare free light. It can be powered with the Backup battery 8,4 V (90 min) or any of the LEDX main batteries 10,8 V. The backup light weighs only 30 grams, 60 grams with battery.

*Fits headlamps: Cobra 6500, Cobra 5500, Mamba and Kaa*

Included in bundle: