LEDX Kaa 2 000

Small but strong

LEDX Kaa is the most powerful lamp with both lamp and the battery on your head. It gives as much light as the very best lights made just a few years ago – but in a very compact and lightweight design. The lamp is equipped with 2 LEDs, a uniquely high efficiency electronic, good light image and low weight. Large cooling fins keep the temperature under control even at high power modes.

Choose from any of our bundles. They include many accessories at a discounted price

Or you can choose to buy only the lamp without battery, headgear or any other accessories.

  • 25h Lowest Power
  • 1.4h Highest Power
  • 2000 Lumen
  • 6500K Color Temperature
  • 13°-35° Light Scattering
  • CREE Diode

Kaa Bundles

Kaa 2000

Small but powerful

LEDX Kaa is designed to deliver as much light as possible while retaining its compact form. We claim that we have succeeded! As Kaa comes with the battery situated on the back of the headgear, so it becomes easy to put on and take off. It eliminates the need to have the battery harness on your back or in your pocket. It works very well for trail running, skiing, climbing, MTB, orienteering or roller skiing.

Despite its size it delivers all of 2 000 lumens!

1h 40 min - 25 h of battery life

LEDX Kaa comes with 3 different power levels: 20%, 40% and 100%. At the highest power supply the lamp gives a fantastic light for 100 min. At 40% it lasts for 4 hours and at 20%, the light lasts for 9 hours.

When the battery is nearly depleted from the higher power settings, it automatically goes down to the lowest effect, as a sort of reserve tank, to give you enough light and time to get back home. At this point it will give light for another 30 min.

Additionally, the lamp can be programmed to different combinations of power levels. Read more under features.

Flexible headgear for a light lamp

Kaa comes with a light headgear as a wide elastic around the head and a fabric headband. The battery is attached to a disc at the neck so that both the lamp and the battery sits on the head. It can also be supplemented with an extension cable so the battery can be worn on your back or in a pocket.

Both the lamp and battery easily fits in a pocket when not in use. Kaa is mounted on an ergonomic and light headgear which follows the shape of the head very well. The attachment point of the lamp is near the forehead and is almost directly below the balance point of the lamp house, making the lamp very well-balanced. Along with the lamp’s light weight this makes it very stable even when running through rough terrain.

Both far and wide

With LEDX unique way of manufacturing headlamps, we can always choose the combination of lenses that are best suited for each lamp. For LEDX Kaa, we have selected one wide and one narrow beam to provide both good width and good length of the beam. It is important that the beam is wide in the surrounding area as it provides a restful light to the eyes and reduces glare. A tall and narrow beam of light provides the ability to detect objects at a distance. Compare with the lights on a car, the low beam gives width and the high beam gives length.


LEDX Kaa 2000, a small lamp with great light. The market's brightest lamp in its class (with both the lamp and the battery on the head).

The lamp is equipped with 2 LED Cree XM-L2, and an electronics with a very high efficiency. The design is unique with the electronics integrated into the lamp mount and a flat lamp housing with large cooling flanges that efficiently discharge the heat. The flat design and the attachment directly below the lamp provides a well-balanced and compact headlamp. This results in a lamp with a wide but yet long light light image, where the experience is that you are in a bubble of light, that reach far ahead. The wide light beam provides a restful light for your eyes and reduces glare.


We collaborate with many users of our products, helping us optimize the lights for a variety of applications. Kaa comes with the batteri situated on the back of the headgear, so it becomes easy to put on and take off. If you prefer to have your batterie in a back harness or in a pocket, just complete it with an extension cable. With our various mounts the lamp can be used on almost all types of helmets, for example bicycle helmets, hardhats etc. It works very well for skiing, MTB, roller skiing and all kind of running. The low weight and compact size combined with the high performance of light, make it popular also for exploring caves, etc.



Strong light is not everything, the light distribution is even more important, the light should be glare-free and not have sharp limits, while still reaching far. To achieve this, we use two different lenses in Kaa, that spread the light between 13° and 29°. Together they provide a very uniform beam pattern that begins just infront of your feet, and gives a carpet of light a long way ahead. It also spreads the light wide and provides a restful and glare-free light, close to daylight. 

Kaa has a very wide light beam, compared to other brands, but not as wide as Cobra and Mamba.


Kaa has up to 5 different power levels, from 6% - 100%, providing a battery life (with 35 Wh standard Kaa battery) of up to 25 hours. At full power, the light 1 hour 35 minutes. On delivery, the lamp has 3 preset positions of 20%, 40% and 100%.


When you use the lamp at the higher levels and the battery is almost out of power, the lamp automatically switches to a low power, a spare tank that gives you light for another 30 minutes at 20% of power.


Kaa comes together with headgear light, a light weight  and well balanced headgear with c for the Kaa standard battery in the neck. If you like to have your battery in a pocket, back harness or backpack, just connect our extension cable 100 cm (option).

Weight lamp 43 g
Weight lamp body + electronic box 90 g
Weight lamp + headgear (complete) 132 g
Weight complete lamp + battery S (38 Wh) 298 g
Battery capacity (small battery) 38 Wh (10,8 V 3,5 Ah)
LED 2 pcs Cree XM-L2
Color temperature 6 500° Kelvin
Light system Wide
Size Lamp 64x39x28mm