• Do you ship international?

    Yes we ship to broad range of countries, mainly within Europe.
  • When will you send my order?

    We aim to send your order the same day, or at latest the next day.
  • What are the shipping terms?

    You can read our terms here.


  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We use Paypal for all international orders. For Swedish orders we accept Paypal and Klarna.


  • How long is the battery cable?

    The battery cable depends on battery size. Small comes with a 14cm cable and medium and large 105cm.


  • My LEDX lamp has stopped working or is malfunctioning, what should i do?

    We are here to help! Our online servicesystem can help you troubleshoot and create a service order. You can create a service order here.
  • I broke my LEDX lamp, can you repair it?

    We offer a repair service for most kinds of damage to your lamp, the fee will depend on the extent. You can create a service order here.
  • My glass has developed cracks, is this normal?

    Cracks in the glass is unusual. We have received a batch of lower grade glass, we will help anyone who has experienced this. You can create a service order here.
  • Can i buy replacement parts?

    We don’t sell spare parts, instead we offer a repair service for a fee if your lamp needs service. You can create a service order here.
  • My lamp will lower the effect when i start my enduro engine.

    Your lamp is not set in enduro mode. Please see the programming section in the manual.


  • What is LEDX company?

    We are a small Swedish manufacturing company that is passionate about creating great products. We strive to create quality products that will last long and that are manufactured in a sustainable way. Since January first we are owned by C2 Vertical Safety AB in Uppsala. Read our story here.


  • How can i contact LEDX?

    You can find our contact information here.