The beginning...

LEDX had its first debut during a stormy and wet night-orienteering contest back in 2009. With our heritage from orienteering, we knew that creating a headlight that could withstand the elements was no easy task.

Our founder and innovator Anders Johansson made the first prototype called the "Ur-Cobra". He had the vision to use top materials and high-end technology to create a lamp that would surpass everything on the current market and would give a competitive advantage. Only 6 months after the first prototype was completed production had started and the Cobra I was released on the market.

The timing was perfect and the event "10mila" was on the horizon with word spreading about LEDX reliability and performance. Several pro orienteerers were using LEDX lamps during competition and praising them.

Sales were speeding up and made it possible to release Cobra II during summer 2011. Cobra II was an important milestone for LEDX and had many of the traits that our customers symbolize with our brand. A long and wide light scattering, low weight, good balance and durable.

The upgrades kept coming and performance was increasing until 2014 when we launched a brand new series of lamps, Kaa, Mamba, and Cobra. The aim was to make three different sizes and performance depending on your need.

We could not expect the success that would follow. Today our lamps are being used by many of the world top athletes. Orienteerers, Enduro MX, Cross country skiers, hunters, foresters and a lot more are among our customers.

We have our customers to thank for our success, and with your support we will keep trying to make the best headlamps out there...