We are very proud that many of the world top athletes have chosen LEDX headlamps. Our high quality and performance have helped us to team up with a selected few. Their collaboration is a valuable asset when improving our product line. In the list below we proudly present some of our collaborators and favourite customers





Albin Ridefelt Orienteer Sweden
IFK Göteborg Orienteer Sweden
Johan Högstrand Orienteer Sweden
Johan Runesson Orienteer Sweden
Koovee Orienteer Finland
Lucas Basset Orienteer France
Marcus Millegård Orienteer Sweden
Nadiya Volynska Orienteer Ukraine
Oleksandr Kratov Orienteer Ukraina
NTNUI Orienteer Norway
Aleksi Jukola Enduro Finland
Albin Elowson Enduro Sweden
Hanna Berzelius Enduro Sweden
Johan Edlund Enduro Sweden
Marius Helmersen Enduro Norway
Martin Sundin Enduro Sweden
Roni Nikander Enduro Finland
Simon Carlsson MTB Sweden
Johan Olsson Cross country skiing Sverige
Team Koteng Cross country skiing Norway
Marcus Viklund Adventure Sweden
Mikael Nyman Adventure Sweden
Stefan Eriksson Hunter Sweden
Rasmus Liljeblad Hunter Sweden
Harald Voldsund Hunter Norway