The perfect headlamp

LEDX is the top choice among many of the world top athletes, but why has it become so popular and what makes the perfect headlamp?

Our story begins with the search for the perfect headlamp. Our founder and innovator Anders Johansson is a life long orienteerer and outdoorsman. He had a vision to use top materials and high-end technology to create a lamp that would surpass everything on the current market and would give a competitive advantage. After long and hard work the prototype was a success and LEDX was born.
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The most important aspects of any headlamp?

Optimal light scattering

Everyone talks about lumen but more important is the directional light, periphery and transition smoothness. LEDX light has become its signature and delivers a high lumen with a fine-tuned light scattering to ensure minimum eye fatigue and blinding effect.

Perfect balance

The last thing you want when being active is an imbalance or poor fit.

We have developed a technique that helps us deliver a super compact and flat headlamp that attaches close to the forehead to totally eliminate any bobbing.

Low weight

Regardless if you are trekking or running cutting weight is key. We use only high quality light-weight materials in all of our products to help you go the extra distance you need.

Built to last

All our favourite gear can take a beating. Transporting your headlamp to and from events, or moving through debris, you want a reliable partner that will last. During years LEDX has proven itself in extreme conditions such as Enduro MX competitions and alpine adventures.

High-End technology

Safety and adaptability should be on everyones checklist with new electronics.

We manufacture all our headlamps in Sweden to control the quality and make thorough tests before shipping.

Great comfort

We all know the feeling of gravel in your shoe and the value of a great fit.

Our Headmount Pro takes headlamp comfort to the next level. Our unique design gives you a comfortable head mount for most head sizes.

Wide range of accessories

A great lamp should have different size batteries, mounts for many applications and connectivity for everyone. LEDX ecosystem give you possibilities to match accessories with your unique event. Why not make use of our external 12 V DC system to broaden applications further.

Maximised power with long battery life

Don't risk running out of battery when you need it the most.

Depending on LEDX headlamp we deliver up to 6 500 lumen on max power. With our Large battery and depending on setting you can expect a battery life up to 90 hours.